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                A towel counter attack: water will let you cool two hours

                Author: Date: 2015-11-30 09:32:47

                The weather is so hot in summer, air conditioning, WiFi and watermelon will be able to make us feel better, but for outdoor sports enthusiasts, these things are not used, they need to be able to send out the heat of the body of the. However, it's a bit strange to wear a helmet when you're outdoors, there is no normal cooling device. Of course, we have to introduce this magical cool towel cooling towel coolover.

                R & D team in this coolover cooling towel cool towel uses a special material, in the face of the water, the towel temperature will be much lower than the ordinary towel, can give the user a moment of refreshing experience. Imagine, summer heat of the time under such a towel to carry out outdoor sports, how is a "acid cool" ah.

                Coolover cooling towel will enter the water evaporation state after being soaked in water, in order to achieve instant cooling effect, towel temperature will immediately reduce the 10 degrees Celsius, and within 2 to 5 hours for the next to continue to bring the feeling of cold.

                The reason to be able to maintain 2 to 5 hours of cooling effect, because cooling towel coolover cool towel has a very good water absorption performance, but also can be sustained in the towel moisture evaporation cooling, and the duration of the cooling depends on indoor temperature, body temperature and moisture in the air, and so on.

                Cooling towel coolover cool towel does not need to be placed in the refrigerator to freeze work, as long as the water will be able to achieve instantaneous cooling. Not only that, this towel service is particularly simple, users only need to put a towel soaked with water, wring to semi dry it will cover all parts of the need to cool down. After use, clean the water to wash the back of the zipper bag to save, because the next time you can also use the.

                Note that this cool towel support hand wash, machine washable, but not dry. The process from wet to dry, towel will be from soft to hard, so we should avoid in the dry state will wring a towel.

                At present, the cooling towel coolover cool towel in the official website of the price is $29.95 (about 186 yuan), the price will be able to get out of the outdoor temperature, I think it's worth it.